Feel free to send along any contributions. I really do need more on this page. ^_^;; These are just things I picked up from message boards or mailing lists or chats. That I thought were kinda funny. You may not agree, but oh well.

Disclaimer: Some things on this page may be considered PG-rated (mild bad language, references to violence), but it's generally safe. ^_^;

Cool quotes from Pokefans

Cool lists

Cool quotes from our forum

Pokemon battles with a difference ^_^.
1 - 5
6 - 10

Interviews by the Angus sisters *grins*
- Jessie, James, Meowth, Ash, Brock, Misty, Gary and his cheerleaders
- Joy, Jenny, Jessebell, Meowth, Pikachu
- Butch, Cassidy, Mrs Ketchum, Professor Oak
- Gym leaders
- Todd and Richie, Gary and Ash
- Sensational Cerulean Sisters

Cute pics by Peeshy:
Diglett Mega Kick
'Tis the season to off annoying Pokemon
Pokemon antibiotics
Mrs Mime

Things by me

Team Rocket try yet another get-rich-quick scheme. ^_^;;

Ever wanted a Jigglypuff?

Ash and Misty get married. This pretty much sums up my attitude towards their 'relationship'. *grins*

Interview with James. This was originally written for Romantic Interlude.

New theme songs

Custom made Pokemon cards...

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